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Soles of Silk is always seeking new models to appear on it's pages. In the site's first 10 years over 75 different models have posed, most of which have done so numerous times. There are also a good number of models who have posed for more than 1,000 photos. Would you like to be the next girl to do so?

Whether you've never modeled before or you're a well established model, I'm interested in hearing from you. But before you contact me about shooting, please read through the items below so you can get a feel of what it is I do.

If you have any questions or concerns that I did not cover below, please contact me via email at footphotographer@yahoo.com.


Model Requirements

1. All models must be 18 or older - no exceptions.

2. Female models only.

3. All levels of modeling experience are welcome. I love shooting someone with no experience just as much as I love shooting someone who has been modeling for years.

4. Race is not important as I aim for diversity.

5. Body style, although not my ultimate deciding factor, should be of at least an average build.

6. Shoe size is not important. And yes that means I like shooting girls with very small and very big feet too.

7. All models will be asked to sign a model release form for each photo shoot. The release forms show that you knew prior to shooting that your photos/video was going to appear online.

Shoot Basics

1. No sets shot for Soles of Silk will contain nudity.

2. I will never attempt to force you to do a set or theme that you are not comfortable with.

3. Most shoots take place in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. region. I am not opposed to travel for a shoot, however.

4. I ask that you be on time for your shoots. If you need to reschedule for whatever reason, please give me as much advanced notice as possible. Although I do allow for some bending here, don't take advantage of me or my time.

5. Please show up for your shoots with well kept feet. That means to go easy on them in the days prior to your shoots and above all else, have your toenails evenly painted. Chipped or sloppy polish jobs are an eye sore when you're feet are the main focus.

Contacting Me/Arranging a Shoot

I am the only person who runs this site and does all of the photography. It has, however, come to my attention (as well as a few other site owners) that there are people out there who will claim to work for various sites as a way of getting you to pose for them or get your contact information. In order to help stop this from happening on Soles of Silk, the following information is very important:

1. All shoots are arranged by me, and ONLY me.

2. I do not have "talent scouts" or "recruiters" out there taking pictures to find new models.

3. I do not have ads on sites such as Craigslist seeking models.

4. I contact models online via two different methods. The first of them is my email, which will always be footphotographer@yahoo.com. The second, is the site's official Twitter page (@SolesofSilk). If you need to verify me, please do so by contacting me through those means.

5. I will not give out my cellphone number unless we've already been in contact through the means above first. I don't trust giving my number out to just anyone - model or not.

6. Since I'm based out of the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. region, you won't find me walking around asking random people in all other parts of the United States to pose.

7. I don't generally throw out pay rates to people I just met or don't know. So if someone claims to be me, or working for this site and is coming at you with how much money you'll make, that is a red flag.


Want to know what some of the existing models have said about their experiences with posing for Soles of Silk? Check out the testimonials below:


Abby (debuted 2005)

"I've known Patrick since 1995, back when we were in high school. Even then I knew he had a thing for feet. Little did I know that I'd be modeling for him for so many years to come! I always told him that he should be passionate about what he loves and not care what anyone else think about it. Here we are, more than 10 years later, a full blown web site and I am still a proud part of it."

Aspen (debuted 2012)

"I love posing for Patrick. Not only does he give the best foot rubs, but he makes shooting so much fun and a comfortable experience. He's dealt with my feet in wet weather, windy weather, and some sweaty and dirty conditions."

Carlin (debuted 2010)

"Working with Patrick is always an enjoyable and adventerous experience. With each shoot we have tried new and creative stuff that always turns out great. Patrick is always professional and friendly, so I feel relaxed and comfortable during our sessions together. It really is more fun than work. My piggies and I look forward to each shoot more and more"

Charlee (debuted 2009)

"When Patrick approached me with the opportunity to pose I was so excited. I have always wanted to model, but was a little afraid of the possible rejection. Patrick helped me step out of my shell and grow into the model that I am today. He's more than a photographer to me, he's also a very good friend."

Cierra (debuted 2004)

"Working with Patrick is a blast. He's the first person I ever posed for and every shoot has been exciting. He makes it seem so easy and loads of fun. I can't wait to do new sets."

Jamie (debuted 2010)

"Working with Patrick has been such a great experience. He is an awesome photographer and an even better foot massager! I love taking pictures for the site, but the thing I look forward to the most is that after shoot foot rub. I never thought my feet were anything special until I met him. Now I have a fan base, which is something I never thought I'd be lucky or talented enough to obtain. Over all, it's been a fantastic run with Soles of Silk - one I hope to continue for a very long time!"

Kaycee (debuted 2014)

"Shooting for the site has been some of the most fun I've had! Patrick makes shooting an enjoyable and comfortable experience. It's a pleasure each time to shoot for the site with a great friend."

Kelsey (debuted 2006)

"Patrick always makes shooting a fun time every time. I'm not a photogenic person or a fan of having my picture taken, but Patrick always makes it fun, so it's hard not to smile. It's always a great time, especially getting to do stuff like sticking your feet in different foods and be carefree about it."

Lauryn (debuted 2004)

"Working with Patrick is pure fun! He makes it very easy to smile and he is always open to my ideas too - which makes the experience more fun than work."

Lisa Tyler (debuted 2004)

Patrick is a wonderfully cool person to shoot with. He is truly a great addition to the fetish industry. I look forward to shooting with Patrick again in the future. I thank Patrick for making my shoots with Soles of Silk so amazing!"

Madison (debuted 2004)

"Working with Patrick is always a fun adventure. We have been friends for quite a while and mesh well together. Our shoots are always fun and the time flies by. One great thing is that he will not make you do any kind of shoot that you would be uncomfortable with. If you're thinking about doing some modeling for Soles of Silk, I suggest that you definitely do it."

Mindee (debuted 2004)

"When I first began posing for Patrick in 2004 I was very nervous about having photos taken. After a few photo shoots I became much more comfortable. Modeling for Patrick is so much fun! He is the reason I keep coming back for more photos. He has this way of making me feel like I'm just hanging out with a great friend - finding awesome locations and having so much fun. It's very relaxed and completely comfortable shooting with him. And the foot rubs are a bonus!"

Olivia (debuted 2011)

"Working with Patrick is always interesting, to say the least. We disagree more than we agree at our other job, but he's a great friend and great person to work with. He's always welcoming and has awesome ideas for shoots. Shooting for Soles of Silk is a great adventure and I can't wait to see what the future holds. We will let the photos speak for themselves."

Reagan (debuted 2014)

"I met Patrick through my best friend and fellow model, Kaycee. He's a wonderful, caring person and always makes shoots comfortable. He has such a passion for his job and that makes him the great guy that he is. The shoots I have done were really fun and he always knows how to put a smile on your face. I have to say shooting for Soles of Silk is one of the most enjoyable things I've experienced. I plan on shooting for him as long as he'd like me to."

Ryan (debuted 2011)

"I've known Patrick since 2008 and we definitely clicked. He's an awesome and easy going guy. After hearing about Soles of Silk I could not wait to do my first shoot. Patrick always makes me feel comfortable and less nervous during the shoots. He lets me do many of my own poses and wear whatever I think fits the theme/location we decide to use. He's very passionate about photography and it really shows through his work and how he treats his models. I would recommend shooting for Patrick anytime!"

Sara Swirls (debuted 2005)

"I never knew how sexy my feet were until I Patrick showed me what feet were all about. Now I have a different outlook on my feet. Modeling for Patrick is enjoyable and so much fun!"

Sue Lovely (debuted 2004)

"I had a great time working with Patrick. Five hours went by so quick. He made it so comfortable and fun! We came up with some great ideas and I'll never forget smearing peanut butter and jelly on my feet! It was a great time and I definitely want to work with Patrick and Soles of Silk in the near future."