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This adorable little friend of mine is Aliza, a.k.a. my Asian Sensation. I first met Aliza when she was hired at work. She worked the same area I do and I was one of the ones who trained her. Before long she was working alongside me. I found her to be very smart and down to earth during the many hours we worked together. I couldn't ask her to pose for me at the time, however, because she was finishing up high school and also happened to be an October baby. But good things come to those who wait. Once she turned 18, she and I met up a few days later to get her a nice little pedicure and do some photos.

I always enjoy Aliza's company and find her to be a charming person. I'm really glad she agreed to pose for the site and am looking forward to hopefully doing a ton of photos with her and those little Filipino feet.