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Generally I know, or have met a model before she comes to pose her feet for the site. But Ann was an exception. Wendy had been telling me she had a friend who wanted to pose for the site and I told Wendy I trusted her judgment on finding a cute model for the site with cute feet. And Wendy did just that.

I had stopped over Wendy's place to do a shoot with her and she has told me Ann would be by later so she could pose for me too. When she stopped by, I was impressed. Ann has a cute smile and the girl next door look I like to have here on Soles of Silk. And her personality is fun, which made her first shoots a pleasure. Of course, I couldn't wait to see her feet. She was wearing boots when she arrived and wanted to repaint her toes while Wendy finished up her set. I couldn't help but peek over at her feet once she kicked off her boots. Wendy, awesome job recruiting! And Ann, welcome to Soles of Silk!