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Meet Bridgette and her size 11 feet. I used to work with Bridgette and oftentimes I would tease her about her feet being big. Little did I know that some time later, those size 11s would be in front of my camera for the site. I honestly never thought she'd be someone who would pose, so I never really asked. I did the same thing with her twin sister, Felicia, who I was also wrong about.

Felicia debuted on the site in November 2014 and about a month later told me that Bridgette was up for posing as well. I was super excited to have a second set of twins on the site - this time fraternal ones. Obviously I made plans with the girls ASAP and was able to photograph Bridgette right before the end of 2014. Hopefully she'll be posing for many years to come as well. I had a ton of fun shooting her and her VERY sweaty feet. Sorry Bridgette, I had to tell everyone!