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I thought I had done it all when I shot photos of Mindee and her mom Shelby a few years ago. So you can imagine my thought process when Mindee texted me earlier this year (2018) to tell me that her grandmother wants to get in on a set with her and her mom. At first, I thought she was joking. Knowing Mindee, however, I should have known she was being 100 percent honest.

A number of months went by and Mindee and I would joke about the idea of that set becoming a reality. It hadn't happened immediately, but I knew it would eventually. Then, shortly before Christmas, I was over Mindee's house with three generations of feet before me. Please welcome Mindee's grandmom, and Shelby's mom, Dolly to the site. She had a lot of fun doing these so you might see her pop up from time to time with her daughter and granddaughter.