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Felicia and I met at work. While we've always got along, it wasn't until recent that we began becoming closer as friends. And once I asked her if she'd be interested in helping Kaycee and myself come up with a costume and theme for the site's 2014 Halloween Zombie Schoolgirl set, she made it known that she also wanted to pose for Soles of Silk. And within a month even got her twin sister, Bridgette, to pose for the site too.

It didn't take Felicia long to being pitching me ideas and locations for sets. She's big into cosplay, so she certainly has a creative side that makes bouncing ideas off of her a plus. Add in the fact that she has a little bit of a brash, dominant side to her, and it makes any get together, let alone a shoot, fun times! Felicia really is the kind of girl who will tell you about a shoot idea, but break off in the middle of it to tell you to get down on the flooe and rub her feet.