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Meet Katie. Katie is a co-worker and friend of mine who posed for the site less than a week after turning 18. Being friends with a number of the girls at work who currently pose for this site, Katie has been quite aware of my wanting her to pose once she turned 18. There had been times where one of the girls would ask her if she was going to do it and at first, she wasn't sure. Until recently, Katie believed her feet weren't attractive - which I think had something to do with them being size 9s. Nevertheless, I assured her they are indeed cute (I love them) and she admitted to me the day we did our first shoot that she's starting to change her mind about it.

I am hoping Katie becomes a regular model for the site. We're already planning on some other shoot themes and since I haven't seen the Toy Story movies, she told me we have to watch them. "Over a foot rub?" I asked. "Of course," she replied. I hope they make 3,000 sequels!