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At the end of June I realized I hadn't been taking as many photos as I had wanted so far over the summer. I approached Abby at work and told her I needed some new content with her and she told me to stop by her new place early in July. Well the day before the shoot Abby called me and asked if I wanted to shoot a new model too and promised she was a "cute little blonde." I said, "sure," trusting Abby's judgement.

When I got to Abby's place Taylor was running late, but when she walked in I was very impressed and told Abby she wasn't lying when she said "cute little blonde."

When we finally got to shooting I could tell Taylor was going to be a fun model to work with as she caught right on and had a blast doing the sets. She said she wants to do a lot more, which I'm all for! Be on the lookout for more from her soon.